Need Cash For Houses Service? Mason Helped Our Friends Out

Need Money Fast? One of our friend over in Memphis Tennessee did recently. They had a pretty sweet setup with a detached three bedroom place with a separate gym studio where they could see personal training clients or do group classes. unfortunately as life happens they needed to leave Memphis fast as they needed to help family out up in Florida. Cash was needed so of course the house and business had to go to get the money in.

This is where they googled we buy houses for cash Memphis TN and came across a realtor called Mason. They told me how happy they were to have found Mason first as he was very open with them about what he would offer, which they accepted, and the sale price money was delivered as promised. Happy days 🙂

Now I do wonder if the cash for homes realtors would put in a decent cash offer on one of the most expensive homes in Memphis like this list shows. How about within 48 hours getting old of millions of dollars with no issue. Let’s live and hope, right?